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Children Choice

consulting the health of a child in bedChildren’s Choice Waiver was began on 2001 to provide supplementary support to disabled children and their families to get access to Medicaid services while being cared for and attended to at home. This program is very flexible that it does not only provide for medical needs but also provides assistance in the following:

  • Case support and coordination
  • Respite Care
  • Caregiver/Family Training
  • Environmental Adaptation
  • Access to medical equipments and supplies
  • Therapy
  • Transition training and stabilization

As a part of our wholistic approach to serve our disabled patients, we accept cases which are qualified for children’s choice waiver. New Day Personal Care Services guarantees equality the cases which are brought to our agency. Call us today for more information about Children’s Choice Waiver and how we can help you start getting your assistance, today.

Old couple with their caregiver


New Day Personal Care Services'mission is to provide professional quality homemaking, companionship, and personal care services to senior citizens and those who are mentally and physically disabled/challenged who wish to remain or recover in the comfort of their homes and communities. New Day Personal Care Services is a state licensed and insured Personal Care Attendant Agency who pledge to provide the highest standard of care and strive for 100% client satisfaction. About Us »

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