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Supervised Independent Living

caregiver helping an elderly manHere at New Day Personal Care Services, we listen to the needs of developmentally disabled, mentally challenged, and physically incapacitated individuals. Not only do we understand their physical and daily-living needs but we also see through their longing for emotional affirmation and even social engagement.

This is why our Supervised Independent Living does not only offer comfortable but dignified and happy living, as well, for these people. We give them an option to require only regular yet periodic assistance so they can continue living, empowered and independent. We support these patients through the following services:

  • Home Safety. We provide home assessments, recommendation, and trainings on how they can be most safe within the home and in their immediate surroundings. We also provide them with emergency hotlines which they can call during a crisis.
  • Multi-disciplinary assistance. We provide wholistic support which includes financing, budgeting, personal care, household management, medical, transportations and others.
    Assistance for personal growth. We provide counseling and support as they transition from being reliant to being independent.
  • Protection and Support. We give them protection from abuse and violence and provide the necessary support and resources that they need, which they can get from their immediate community.

We encourage you to know more about Supervised Independent Living as an option for your loved one. Call us today to know if they are eligible and the other alternative choices that they may also avail.

Old couple with their caregiver


New Day Personal Care Services'mission is to provide professional quality homemaking, companionship, and personal care services to senior citizens and those who are mentally and physically disabled/challenged who wish to remain or recover in the comfort of their homes and communities. New Day Personal Care Services is a state licensed and insured Personal Care Attendant Agency who pledge to provide the highest standard of care and strive for 100% client satisfaction. About Us »

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